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The objective of every facelift that we carry out is always to preserve your own personality. Experience gained from the many facelifts that we have carried out in the past - whether these were to treat wrinkles or an overall refreshing of facial expression - makes it possible for us to achieve a harmonious overall impression for you. You will quite simply look fresher and younger! Take a little time to read this - you will find comprehensive information about facelifts here.



PRESTO-FACELIFT – Training Courses 2024 at Our Clinic:


PRESTO Facelift Courses 2024:


  • Date: February 1-2, 2024 - Aesthetic Facial Surgery / Master's Program / Certified Continuing Education
  • Date: February 29 - March 1, 2024 - PRESTO Facelift Course by Dr. Funk / Certified Continuing Education
  • Date: November 14-15, 2024 - PRESTO Facelift Course (in English)



    The courses are held on Thursdays and Fridays.

    Number of Participants per Course: 12



    If you are interested, please contact us:


    Why facelifts?

    Show your profile!


    Our face complements verbal communication via expression. We appear fresh, active, attractive and young. Over the course of the years wrinkles appear in our expression, connective tissue slackens, the lightness and ease of youth are followed by the heaviness of sunken soft tissue structures and excess skin.


    Key components of modern cosmetic surgery are facelifts, neck lifts and midface lifts, the aim of which is to achieve a younger, more natural and fresher appearance without altering facial characteristics.


    In facelifting, the rejuvenation of the face, we place particular emphasis on retaining your personality, i.e. we respect the individuality of your expression and only rejuvenate the overall impression, so that you can show your profile in fresh and carefree fashion once again.


    The specification of the time of a surgical facelift - whether minor or major - is ultimately determined by the patient. We recommend to patients wishing to preserve youthful freshness that they plan the treatment concept together with us, as measures undertaken at an early stage make a key contribution to naturalness.



    Feedback from a satisfied patient

    Weihnachtsgrüße einer unserer Patientin, die bei Dr. Funk ein Facelift machen ließ


    About the beauty clinic Dr. Funk

    What exactly do we do in a facelift?

    We achieve the rejuvenation of the face using only differentiated techniques to tauten the skin of your face. It is important to assess and treat skin, fatty tissue, muscle and sinews differently in order to restore the structures to the location that they occupied in youth.


    In this form of surgery complex incision techniques are selected to ensure that the incisions are not visible to subsequent observers, and to avoid prominent scars. The modern facelifting techniques personally developed by the plastic and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Funk avoid distortion and focus on naturalness and permanency, which is why the distinctive jowls are restored to the cheek area with added volume, creating a youthful form there.


    Similarly, attention is paid to the form of the lower jaw, which was originally slim and straight. Further signs of ageing such as drooping eyebrows, drooping corners of the mouth, hollow cheeks, sagging eyelids or lachrymal sacs are incorporated into the facelift by the accomplished surgeon.


    The ageing process is a multi-factorial occurrence and precisely these varied factors need to be addressed point for point in the facelift and restored to the required form. The result is a natural-looking and fresher appearance.


    In addition to the classic facelift a forehead lift, a mannequin lift, a midface lift, a neck lift or combinations of these are also offered at our beauty clinic in Munich.


    Dr. Funk performs facelifts in Munich, Zurich, Vienna and Graz. If you would like to find out more, or request an appointment for an initial consultation regarding your personal ideas for your facelift, please call us directly at our respective sites - the telephone numbers are located in the column on the right.





    If you have any further questions regarding facelifts, rhytidectomy, facial tautening, facelifting, then please contact us. Individual treatment and consulting regarding facelifts is important to both of us!



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