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Mannequin lift - mini facelift - Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk

Minor operation, major effect!


Models place great value on a fresh, open appearance, aiming to persuade the observer of the benefits of the product via the acceptance of the individual.


Everyday life is no different. A person has an aura, there is a positive reaction to this and the desire to get to know that person is established.



What is a mannequin lift?

With mannequin lifting the facial structures in the centre of the face are lifted using a deep-plane technique and the transition from upper eyelid to the area to the side of the eyes is harmonised by removing the optically distracting dimples and retractions.


In addition, the side eyebrow in the area of the upper lid is raised as an "opener", resulting in a more open, affirmative look, such as that of a model.


The mannequin lift (also known as mini facelift) is not the same as a simple skin resection - it takes account of all of the structures of the face and is therefore valent and enduring.


A perfect result is not always possible with a mini facelift - more information regarding further options can be found on our website under “Facelift”.





If you have further questions regarding mannequin lifts or mini facelifts, please contact us. Individual consulting and treatment is important to both of us!



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