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Vampire facelift in Munich - Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk

Dr. FUNK also offers so-called vampire facelifts at his beauty clinic in Munich. The vampire facelift is also known as the Dracula facelift or - with less connotations of the bloodsucking creatures of literature and film - as plasma facelifting.


This involves a small quantity of the patient's own blood being processed and injected into the skin in a manner similar to that of mesotherapy. Experience shows that 2-3 treatments at intervals of 3-4 are most effective.



How is my blood processed and what happens to it?

Vampire facelifting uses so-called PRP, platelet-rich plasma. This can be created using various different methods. The most common method is the Regen Lab System method. This involves extracting a small amount of venous blood from the patient, generally taken from the crook of the arm. The blood is then added to a centrifuge, resulting in the separation of the plasma enriched with thrombocytes (platelets) from the remainder of the blood. This plasma is then processed and used for the vampire facelifting method.


The plasma thus accumulated is then processed further before being injected into the skin in a manner similar to mesotherapy. The plasma is rich in so-called cytokines, proteins that regulate the growth of cells, amongst other things. Injecting the plasma stimulates cell regeneration and wrinkle reduction - via the body's own cell regeneration. However, this takes time, with the full effect only visible after a few months.



What are the risks of a vampire facelift?

The risks of vampire facelifting are very slight. As the injected plasma is a substance of the body itself, allergic or adverse reactions do not occur. The treatment is practically painless and there are no visible traces, such as bruising.



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