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Forehead lift - smoothing forehead wrinkles - Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk in Munich

Would you like to have smooth and faultless skin on your forehead once again? Here you can find out how we can help you achieve this with a forehead lift.



Where do forehead wrinkles come from and what has to be taken into account during a forehead lift?

When assessing the upper eyelids it is always necessary to take into account the position of the eyebrows and the forehead, including the corresponding wrinkles of the forehead with horizontal, vertical and laughter lines included in the therapy concept.


The ageing process makes the skin thinner, with the optical development of wrinkles, reduction in subcutaneous fatty tissue with reduced volume and lowering of the soft tissue.


The gathering of skin between the eyes and above the nose is also a sign of a lowered forehead. These signs reinforce the tired and disinterested expression of the forehead and eyebrow region.



Our forehead tautening therapies

There are various different therapy options for tautening the forehead. An endoscopic technique may be used to invisibly raise the forehead. The open technique enables us to reduce or remove muscle structures in the same way as the endoscopic technique.


All forehead lifting techniques have one objective - to open the eye region, reduce excess skin and wrinkles and redefine the expression of openness, freshness and youthfulness. All of these techniques are individually adapted and no results appear standardised.


Furthermore, a distinction must be made between a feminine form and a masculine form of the eyebrow position, to ensure that the gender-specific expression is retained.

Tautening the skin of the forehead often forms part of a complete facelift. Further information can be found at "Facelift".





If you have any further questions regarding forehead lifting, forehead wrinkles or frown lines, then please contact us. Individual consulting and treatment is important to both of us!



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