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Midface lift - improvement of the cheek area - Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk Munich

Minor operation, major effect!


Youthfulness and freshness have an anatomic structure - the midface. This extends from the lower eyelid to the cheek area.


Looking into a mirror at the age of around 40 it is possible to see a flattening of the midface compared to photos aged 20 or 25. The transition from midface to lower eyelid and side eyebrow area appears tired, wrinkly and empty.


This region has to be given special attention, either individually or in the scope of a facelift, in order to achieve youthfulness and freshness.



Concerns regarding midface lifting are groundless!

The frequently expressed fear of patients that the result of a midface lift will be the appearance of a trumpeting angel, or the objection "they all look the same" is groundless in capable hands. Individuality is paramount.


Access can be achieved via the lower eyelid, via the side temple area or in combination with a facelift and surgery is conducted according to the criteria of undetectability, natural youthfulness and freshness.





If you have further questions regarding rhytidectomy or midface lifting, please contact us. Individual consulting and treatment is important to both of us!



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